Professional Security Force and Event Services is a private company specializing in the provision of total security solutions.


We are a provider of reliable solutions for large human resource companies.


We are a company of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, openness.


You may be surprised to learn that integrity is demonstrated in large ways and in small daily activities and practices.


Charter Schools – Public Schools – Residential Communities – Gatehouses – Condominiums.

We provide any industry with professional security officers and services which are demanded by the profession and expected by our clients. Through highest caliber management, thorough the staff selection process, 24-hour supervision, and dedication to Quality, Integrity, Commitment, and Service, we offer an incomparable security service to safeguard Life, Property, and Assets.


    Professional Security Force


The most important thing to do to protect your retail business is to enlist the services of a professional and efficient security provider.
Hire experts to take care of your safety while focusing on your family or your business.

Certified Guardian Officers

Charter Schools and Miami-Dade County Schools are equipped with armed personnel who aid in the prevention or abatement of active assailant incidents on school premises.  Certified Guardian Officers take this service to another level in experience and training.

Armed Security/ Off Duty Officers

Armed Security Guards are amongst the most effective means of securing your valuable assets and protecting what is most important to you.

Mobile Patrol

Providing security patrols for shopping centers, strip malls, family recreational centers, residential communities, construction sites, retail and commercial properties including parking garages.



Special Event Security

Preparation, prevention, and threat appraisal.  Armed and un-armed services available.




Gated community, Apartment Complex, HOA’s

Whether it involves access control services to managing emergencies, our residential security guards act as a watchful eye providing your residents and the community the protection they deserve.

Unarmed Security Guards

 Alarm and monitoring systems to provide the necessary immediate response that you will need in the event of an emergency or security breach.


  • Mission Statement

    Our goal is to provide any industry with professional security officers and services which are demanded by the profession and expected by our clients.  Through highest caliber management, thorough staff selection process, 24-hour supervision, and dedication to Quality, Integrity, Commitment, and Service, we offer an incomparable security service to safeguard Life, Property, and Assets. 

  • Overview of our Services

    In a modern world, it is a reality for business and individuals alike that safety and protection of life, property, and assets has become an unavoidable necessity.  As business professionals, it is one of our primary duties to safeguard business assets.  These assets come in many forms, through employee safety, security, and physical well being, real property, tangible assets, and currency. 

    It is for these reasons, and the real threats against business assets, that the security industry is thriving today.  We strive to provide a service that meets these 4 threats and offers an equal guardian against them.  That is why our clients view us as a business partner rather than just another contract security provider. 

    Our team has experience managing threats against business entities, evaluating those threats, devising plans to eliminate, diffuse, and subdue all situations.  We use our knowledge and experience to design a security program that will maximize your protection, minimize your exposure to threats, and respond to threats with the appropriate action. 

    Professional Security Force, LLC. works extensively with clients to customize our service in order to meet their specific needs.  We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service with a focus on courteous and professional security personnel. 

  • History

    Professional Security Force, and Event Service, LLC., was formed, as a result of a need in the industry, for more specialized, efficient, and customized security service for the event service industry as well as the public sector.  The organization Originated as an internal security division from a larger regional security company.  We had to specialize in event control which was managing millions of dollars in assets a year and growing.  Through these services, a wide range of activities and custom-designed service templates were built.  Each job site service is custom-tailored by security survey, to suit both the event job site along with the public and private sectors of security and other property needs.

    As a result Professional Security Force, LLC. was formed and incorporated in 2008, as an independent security company, by Heriberto (Eddie) Baez the sole owner/president, who was previously the operation manager and division manager for an internal security division.  The management staff, administrative staff, and security personnel in entirety as a unit branched off into this corporation. 

    The management of Professional Security Force, LLC. is experienced in business and security.  Each manager has a background in business operations, ownership and management, as well as extensive training and diverse industry experience in security. 


  • Should I consider Professional Security Force and Event Services?

    We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a quick response to all of our client’s security needs.
    Professional Security Force and Event Services LLC, staffs at all levels are extremely professional, reliable, polite, and customer service orientated. Our officers are both insightful and decisive which gives them confidence in all their actions and decisions.

  • Site training?

    On-site orientation training of all new security officers will be conducted by an experienced site supervisor and operation manager. 

  • Staff operations?

    We have clear and concise operations procedures and policies.  All staff is well versed and proficient in this operational procedure.  Monthly safety meeting ensure that staff is alert and well prepared to handle whatever the shift may bring. 

    Daily reports ensure that Professional Security Force, LLC. management stays abreast to each client’s services, have the information to evaluate the needs of an individual client, and fine tune the services as needed, to ensure the best security needs of each client(s).  Operations management reviews field reports weekly and meets with senior staff assigned to site.  This allows the management to stay in touch with each client and the progress of services at very site.  On site spot checks, are performed daily by site supervisors, and reported to operations manager. 


We will contact you within one business day.

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